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What Doesn’t Make Sense

September 17, 2011

During a morning run this week I came across this sign for a golf course.  I quickly identified the golf bag and clubs on the right and the red rock outcropping on the left, but I couldn’t quite make out what that white item was attached to the cliff – it didn’t make sense to me.  As I continued to study what didn’t make sense, suddenly the white thing became a shirt on a man and the red rock cliff became a couple.  It all made sense to me as I finally made sense out of the part that didn’t.  In our lives there are often things that don’t make sense.  Take a closer look at those things, and often the very things that don’t make sense to us bring the whole picture into context.

In science, mistakes always precede the truth.

Horace Walpole


Watch Your Language

July 12, 2011

The language that we choose makes a big difference, and can completely change our experience.  I got two great examples last night as I was reading John Maxwell’s Failing Forward.  Do your challenges in life make you bitter or better?  Does adversity lead to breakdowns or breakthroughs?  Then this morning with one of my clients we were discussing letting go.  Letting go is different from giving up.  If what you want is not yet in your hand, and your hand is clenched so tightly around what you already have, how can you receive what you want?  Letting go is often the crucial step toward receiving what you want, because it opens your hands, heart, and mind to what can be.

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.

Arthur Christopher Benson

Weeds Thrive Too

June 1, 2011

After a very rainy May here in Utah, my little garden is thriving and growing well.  I also have a weed patch in a neglected spot that is thriving and growing well.  Our minds are like the fertile earth, ready and willing to return an abundance of whatever we plant and cultivate there.  But be careful – weeds are default.  If you don’t intentionally plant productive and positive thoughts, you may soon find the place overgrown with weeds of negativity, fear, and doubt.

Every thought is a seed.  If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting golden delicious.

– Bill Meyer 

Cultivating You

May 24, 2011

I’m working on getting something of a garden going this spring, which requires a lot of cultivating, weeding, tending, watering, and nurturing of the seeds and plants in order to have a harvest. My friend, Garrett Gunderson hosted a phenomenal event in Salt Lake City last week where he pointed out that the key to wealth creation is to cultivate yourself. Take care of and invest in yourself, and you will thereby create your results. You are your greatest asset!

In the absence of clarity of your soul purpose you cannot discern the difference between distraction and opportunity

– Garrett Gunderson

Whatever Doesn’t Look Like That

April 19, 2011

Soap Circle

I was just looking at this chain that I whittled out of a family sized bar of Ivory soap.  The most common question I get about this after people marvel that I would have that much extra time on my hands is, “How did you do that?”  The answer is simple, I just cut off everything that doesn’t look like that.  Our lives tend to accumulate a lot of extra baggage from time to time.  Get a clear picture of what you want your life to look like, and start cutting off whatever doesn’t look like that!


Ability is what you’re capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
Lou Holtz 
Dr. Paul

Toward, Not To

March 11, 2010

What if I were to give you a challenge to run to the horizon and back?  The horizon is not a real place, it is just a concept.  Sometimes we get stuck thinking we have to be perfect, and we are not OK until we get there.  Perfection is not a real place either.  You can’t really even get closer to the horizon because as you approach, your perspective changes and the horizon moves farther away.  When I teach boy scouts how to use a compass, I have them get their bearings by finding a landmark somewhere way out there in the direction I want them to go and then move toward that landmark.  They are not going TO the landmark, just TOWARD it.  Use perfection as a standard only to get your bearings so you’ll know what to move toward.  And remember, you are not going TO the horizon, only TOWARD it.

Be yourself… cuz everyone else is already taken.

– My Friend Shelby’s Facebook Status


October 21, 2009

As a child when my parents would take me to church, we used to sing a song – “I Am A Child Of God”.  I believe that we as humans are creators, because we are offspring of the Great Creator.  You are the driver and creator of your own life.  When you get really good at creating what you intend, there is a much shorter distance between your words and what actually happens.  When you say you will be somewhere, you are there.  When you say you will do something, to anyone listening it is as good as done.  This is true integrity – to speak things into existence.

I define integrity as the distance between your lips and your life.
– Mark Sanborn


June 16, 2009
Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

I recently got a piece of petrified wood as a prize for solving a puzzle at a family reunion.  As I hefted the piece I realized that petrified wood is not wood at all – it is stone.  It still has the appearance of wood, because that’s what it started as.  A gradual process of minerals penetrating and replacing the fibers of the wood has turned it to stone.  In a similar way, we don’t change suddenly or overnight – it is a gradual process of principles penetrating and replacing the old thoughts and habits with something more solid and enduring.  You are a work in progress!

 We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

– Max De Pree

The Family Toolbox

The Family Toolbox

In this archived episode of Live On Purpose Radio, Dr. Paul interviews the Hopkin family about knowing how to change. The Hopkins graciously share their experience with some of the common, and perhaps less common, challenges of parenting and family life.  This episode and others in the album “Parenting On Purpose: Back To Basics” are available now for immediate download.

Befriending Yourself

July 23, 2008

I have found through the course of my career, that we are often our own worst critics.  There is a passage in the New Testament in which we are encouraged to love our neighbor as ourselves.  But wait a minute… what would happen to all of our friends and neighbors if we actually treated them like we treat ourselves.  Can you imagine saying to your neighbor, “you’re just not good enough” or “you can’t do anything right”.  Be cautious about how you talk to yourself – use the same level of compassion and understanding that is easier to generate for others. 


Befriend yourself!

The Gold Focus

February 6, 2008

Greetings Friends!

 I’ve noticed a tendency for people to notice their weaknesses, be troubled by them, and focus on them sometimes without giving much credit to their strengths.  But it is your strengths that give you the most power in accomplishing your dreams.  I like the way John C. Maxwell put it in his book, Talent Is Never Enough.  He said, “Focusing on weaknesses instead of strengths is like having a handful of coins – a few made of pure gold and the rest of tarnished copper – and setting aside the gold coins to spend all your time cleaning and shining the copper ones in the hopes of making them look more valuable.  No matter how long you spend on them, they will never be worth what the gold ones are.  Go with your greatest assets; don’t waste your time.” Bring out your gold!