Nobody Gets Out of This Alive

My friend Shawn Warenski is a funeral director.  Since I met Shawn as a guest on my show a few years ago, we have so far had two mutual clients.  I think Shawn may be the only guy in town who has a more stable job than me.  People really like and appreciate what I do for them, but they are dying to go see Shawn.  Few things are more certain than death.  You have probably heard the expression, nothing in life is certain except death and taxes – well I know people who avoid taxes. 

 In high school, my son was an avid runner.  I noticed when I attended his track and field events that different runners had very different approaches to their races.  The short distance guys would crouch down in the blocks and explode into a full sprint for the entire race.  The distance runners would stand in a group at the start and pace themselves through most of the race, sprinting only when they were approaching the finish.  Life has a finish line.  We usually don’t know how far off it is, we just know that it is there.  As we come to terms with our own mortality, we gain perspective on how to live our life.  Live well!

Death is more universal than life.  Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

A. Sachs


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2 Responses to “Nobody Gets Out of This Alive”

  1. Dr. Paul Says:

    My friend Joan passed away last night. This post is dedicated to her and the excellent life that she lived assisting others to Live On Purpose. Prayers and blessings to Joan’s family.

  2. Alisa Says:

    Sorry for your loss! When my mother died 4-1/2 years ago, I realized that the greatest thing we leave behind is our legacy. While we live we create that legacy!

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