Start Here

An acorn does not become a great oak by scurrying around frantically searching for leaf molecules and bark molecules to build the tree.  It simply exists right where it is and uses the resources immediately available to it.  The resources you need to solve absolutely everything you currently face are right there around you.  Start with what you know to do and then the next steps will become evident.


True greatness is starting where you are, using what you have, doing what you can.

– Arthur Ashe


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2 Responses to “Start Here”

  1. Angela Says:

    I LOVE THIS! It seems more relevent to me now than it ever has before.
    Thank you.

  2. Erna Blackburn Says:

    wow this is hard for me, I do it but I really want to become famous but I have to start somewhere, so I will start at home and with the people I know now. Good advice.

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