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Fully Engaged

April 23, 2009

Kirk Hansen is a successful business leader and a pilot.  I heard him talking last week about how before taking off, he goes through all of the safety checks on the airplane and requests clearance from the tower.  When he is cleared for take-off, he pushes the throttle to full power and picks up speed as he moves along the runway, until he finally pulls back on the yoke and lifts into the sky.  Like the throttle on that plane, we have our best chance of taking off if we are fully engaged.  Half or quarter throttle just won’t give us the momentum we need to fly.  Get fully engaged in your dreams!


We act as though comfort and luxury were the

chief requirements of life, when all that we

need to make us really happy is something

to be enthusiastic about.


– Charles Kingsley


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Take a few minutes to get your inspirational video recharge with Susan Boyle – enjoy.



Those Who Matter Most

April 15, 2009

You spend all of your time every day. No matter how much you try to “save” time, you can’t – it just keeps moving along. The variable you control is how you spend your time. The demands of your life will consume any time you don’t intentionally spend. A friend of mine supplied today’s quote in a song he wrote. Enjoy this one-minute video for today’s laugh, then choose to spend your time today where it matters most!

Are you giving the least to those who matter most?
Michael McLean

We Are The Troops

April 8, 2009

At times I start to feel stuck in one way or another, whether that is financially, emotionally, in a relationship, in my health, or some other way.  When I’m stuck, occasionally my mind starts to wander into the “Snow White Syndrome” and I start wishing and hoping for a rescue.  In reality, the power to get un-stuck lies with me alone.  Who or what is “the economy”?  Who or what is “the government”.  Who or what will be coming to get us un-stuck?  Watch this 1-minute video, and when you stop laughing start rescuing yourself!

The Troops Aren’t Coming – WE are the Troops!
Mary Louise Zeller

P.S.  For those of you within reach of Utah County, I would like to invite you to join me and Mary Louise Zeller on April 15th for a private showing of the movie “i-ology” followed by a presentation about a business opportunity for people who are ready to get themselves un-stuck.  Free admission and refreshments, but we have limited seating, so register now at

iology DVD

iology DVD

Live On Purpose, No Matter What

April 5, 2009

You hopefully watched the video clip I posted last week of Mary Louise Zeller.  Mary Louise is a 5th degree black belt and 8 time world champion in Tae Kwan Do. At the age of 65, Master Zeller continues to coach and compete, and is preparing for the next olympics when others her age are cheering on their grandkids to do so. She is truly an example of living an ageless and limitless life.  I was honored to interview her this week (watch Live On Purpose Radio for the show in a few days).  She pointed out that sometimes we don’t feel like doing what we know we should to move forward with our goals.  Well, how we feel is sometimes no more significant than the weather report.  Sometimes the weather is stormy, and sometimes it is clear.  Live on purpose, no matter what!

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Your Mess Becomes Your Message

April 1, 2009

Difficult circumstances, crushing burdens, troubled relationships, poor choices, tragedy… What are the messes in your life? I realized a while back that every person or story that has inspired me has a hard part in the middle. The unconquerable human spirit that drives people through and above their challenges has the power to inspire. With the proper attitude and perspective, your mess becomes your message.

Please take a moment to enjoy a powerful example of this from a few of my dear friends:

Your mess becomes your message.
Jon Gordon (at least that’s who I heard it from…)

Stay tuned to Live On Purpose Radio, where Mary Louise will soon be a guest!