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The Gratitude Channel

November 26, 2008

Whatever is on your mind right now is kind of like the channels on your TV.  How did you happen to choose the channel you are watching anyway?  Have you wondered recently what might be playing on the other channels that you are not watching currently?  I have known for a long time now that there is power – power that can literally change your life – to be found on the gratitude channel.  See what’s playing on your gratitude channel, and a switch will flip in your mind which will enable you to move beyond some of the snags that have kept you bound up.  Here are a few suggestions for changing the channel:

·         Walk into a grocery store and contemplate how thankful you are for the abundance of food that is available to you.

·         Notice a piece of furniture or an appliance in your home, and give thanks for the labor and genius that went into creating that thing.

·         Think about three people who care for and about you, thank one of them for the way they improve your life.

·         Notice your computer, and give thanks that you have such easy access to the abundance of knowledge that comes your way through e-mail and the internet.

·         Make it a point to exchange a smile with a store clerk, a letter carrier, or a janitor, and thank them for the service they provide.

·         Silently thank drivers on the road who follow the rules and make it possible for you to travel safely.

·         Right now, give thanks for your breath and the gift of your life.


Enjoy also our Parental Power discussion on this topic.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


The Strangest Secret

November 19, 2008

Earl Nightingale was perhaps one of the most influential and earliest of inspirational speakers.  In his recording, The Strangest Secret, Mr. Nightingale summarizes what has been taught and emphasized by teachers, philosophers, prophets, and sages throughout time, and that is:


“You become what you think about…”


This is the mental equivalent of the law of the harvest.  In a fertile piece of ground you can just as well plant corn or nightshade (a deadly poison) – the land doesn’t care.  In your mind you can plant seeds of optimism or pessimism – your mind doesn’t care.  Your mind, like the land, will return in great abundance whatever is planted.  Observe the harvest you are gathering, and consider very carefully what you plant!


Scary Times Success Manual

November 12, 2008

Viktor Frankl, in his book Man’s Search For Meaning, identified what he called the “last of human freedoms” which is the freedom to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances.  Successful people everywhere understand this as they see the challenges in their life as opportunities – not as bringing opportunities, but as opportunities in and of themselves.  One of my coaches, Dan Sullivan, has applied this in an extraordinary way by saying that other people’s problems are our opportunities.  Finding ways to create value for others by helping them through their own hard times is a key to prosperity.  I’ve included today a copy of an article that Dan wrote about this – hope you find it helpful.


Don’t just survive, Thrive!




P.S.  I’m really excited about Live On Purpose Radio this week – I will be interviewing Frank W. Abagnale.  Some of you will recognize that name from the movie, “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.  I’ve already posted a recording of Frank telling his story – the interview with me will be posted later this week.  You will love this story, and the surprise ending that pulls it all back to principle and family.  Please share this with your friends!

What’s Your Problem

November 8, 2008

A lot of people are really concerned about our economic condition lately.  Some think that the solutions lie in “bail-out” offers from the government, or some kind of “adjustments” that can be made by those who are in power.  I’m convinced that the answers lie in the human life value of you and those around you.  Each person has some unique way to create value for others.  Find ways to resolve the unresolved problems of others.  I appreciate what Phil Myers told me about this in a recent interview.  In his book Tuned In, Phil and his co-authors point out that you can’t just figure out in your own head or in a board room what those unresolved problems are.  You have to actually ask people and then listen to their answers.  Get out of the office and into the minds and hearts of those you could serve if you knew what they wanted.


Listen in on my interview with Phil here: 


It is in this spirit that I have a special request today.  Would you please take no more than a few minutes to respond to a few of my questions?  I’m planning some events in a few weeks that would be much better if I really knew what you want.  You can do this simply by posting your responses HERE.


My questions are these:

I am a psychologist, speaker, and coach with a specialty in helping people to change especially as it relates to their key relationships.  Knowing what you know right now about me and what I do…


1.    How likely would you be to register for and attend an event focused on helping you to actually change what you’ve already been intending to change?

Your response:


2.    Which of these types of events would you be more likely to register for and why?

a.    An event that focuses on personal development and change.

b.    An event that focuses on helping you to enhance your marriage and be more unified with your spouse.

c.    An event that helps you become the parent you really want to be for your kids.

Your response:


3.    If you could magically add Dr. Paul to your personal advisory team, what would you assign me to work on first?  In other words, if you were to ask me to help you with any aspect of your life, success, and prosperity, what would it be?

Your response:


To Your Success!

Are You Important

November 5, 2008

 As most of you know, I have spent a lot of my career figuring out what makes people tick.  One thing that seems to be very consistent in terms of human motivation is the desire to feel important.  Dr. John Dewey said, “The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important”.  Dale Carnegie in his epic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, dedicated an entire chapter to the subject.  When you understand what it is that helps you to feel important, you gain insight into why you do what you do.  When people feel important, they can beat unbeatable odds, accomplish incredible things, and pull off the impossible.  Discover what makes you feel important.


I’m thinking more about this now because my friend Woody has just finished making an inspiring film about how people overcome enormous challenges, how they live their lives without fear, and how you can to.  With the current economic uncertainty and turmoil in the world, wouldn’t it be valuable to know for yourself how to conquer fear, anxiety, doubt, and how you can find happiness, peace, and hope; as well as to follow your dreams?  The world would have you think you are not important, but you are.  You have the ability within to conquer your greatest giants. 


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