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Small and Simple Inspiration

February 27, 2008

 I’ve been reminded this week that the solutions in life often come little by little, not in big chunks.  I sometimes set myself up for discouragement if I’m looking for the big chunk solution.  In fact, it is easy to completely miss the little inspirations that progressively lead us toward our goal.  I believe that most (certainly not all) inspiration comes in the small and simple things.  I like the way Bob Proctor defines success – “The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”.  Remember that word “progressive” means it doesn’t show up all at once.  If you will humble yourself enough to open your eyes and see the small and simple inspirations in your life, I can almost guarantee you that something will come along today to help you solve your problem. 

Notice and be grateful! (Please notice also what I’ve attached about Friday’s speed reading event and next month’s retreat – could be one of those answers you’re seeking 😉 





What Kind of Difference?

February 20, 2008

My 10-year-old daughter shared with me a quick little inspirational book this week called The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn. This book was inspired by the author’s mailman who went out of his way to do his job with enthusiasm, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary for himself and all of those around him. Sanborn suggests that we can convert the job we have into one we love, not by doing a different job, but by doing the one we have differently. Many of my clients have shared with me that their goal is to make a difference in this world. This book points out that we ALL make a difference in this world every day! The key question is, what KIND of difference am I making? You WILL affect people today, maybe slightly, maybe significantly. Notice how you are making a difference in the lives of others today. Start making the kind of difference that lifts and enriches others, and you will begin to love your own life as a result.

Things Of Greater Value

February 13, 2008

I’ve had several opportunities to talk to people this week about balancing all of the many demands on their time and resources.  It seems that there are dozens of things every day that pull our attention, and we are in the awkward position of trying to juggle it all.  Fortunately, we all have an internal guidance system that will help us to determine whether we are choosing wisely.  I like the way Hyrum Smith put it in his book, The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management.  Law #3 states, “When your daily activities reflect your governing values, you experience inner peace.”  The times we feel off-balance are the times when we find ourselves sacrificing things of greater value.  Ask yourself how well your typical daily activities reflect what you really believe and value in life. Live on purpose!

The Gold Focus

February 6, 2008

Greetings Friends!

 I’ve noticed a tendency for people to notice their weaknesses, be troubled by them, and focus on them sometimes without giving much credit to their strengths.  But it is your strengths that give you the most power in accomplishing your dreams.  I like the way John C. Maxwell put it in his book, Talent Is Never Enough.  He said, “Focusing on weaknesses instead of strengths is like having a handful of coins – a few made of pure gold and the rest of tarnished copper – and setting aside the gold coins to spend all your time cleaning and shining the copper ones in the hopes of making them look more valuable.  No matter how long you spend on them, they will never be worth what the gold ones are.  Go with your greatest assets; don’t waste your time.” Bring out your gold!